Tuesday, January 18, 2005

in the dry cold V.2

& in this heartbeat
a momentary glance - beating
ah; but what is that gaze?
so oft straying

the rays of light dripping
;drying sunshade
;coupled with a delirious sweaty grin

& the walls perished
dissolved into speculative dust
as fast as acid tablets
moldy on the fresh trees
in a dew wet morn air
melting the leaves
;slowly, now

in the cold
warmth must be found
mistaken identities & all that Jazz
in the heat
a moist wind is lost
searching but raining upwards

that heartbeat, that gaze
the pounding deep inside my chest
lasted for only a second, a mere 1/8
of a blink of an eye that doesn't even notice

that smile, with those eyes
melted the Cold
moistened the Wind
& brought new hope
a wandering Soul
my Soul - that was somewhat lost
- that committed Suicide
- that ....

in the fishtank
where i poured myself, drowned myself
;longing for the Seaweed
& mermaids
to take me home
to bring me where i belonged
to create the smile on my face


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