Wednesday, January 26, 2005


As the snow began to melt,
the way was lost
asphalt buckled & cracked
potholes littered indoors
soaking carpets going "slush-slush"
with each step
quicksand drawing you down

you held my hand
as long as you could
rescuing a part of my Soul

in our cave, dark & chilly
our breath can be seen
littering the ceilings
"drip-drip" as the ice melts
is warmth coming?
still bogged down in water

dry as a dream
swim now, however mushy
but we are already in our shelter
a "Power Cave" becoming "Power Animals"

grab me, touch me, use me
before the wet absorbs us all
make me beautiful

make me yours
let me "entertain" you, enter you
in this harmonious solution

i will dissolve into you
as you become me
;going back & forth; forging our Warmth
cement out Path
Everything made whole - together -

your hand warm in mine _hearts beating_
still one, now & lasting
in this Power Cave

your hand resting with mine; melting;
becoming One in this Reality


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