Wednesday, February 23, 2005


liveStrong & yellow; banded on your arm
a beakon to your beliefs, inner soul - in a way
i gave it to you & have mine as well
does this connect us?
are our souls joined through this yellow?

doubtful, to say the least

But do not worry, my dear
not at all
Because with this cold feeling running though my body
i know that you will warm me up, however numb
i will be there, cheesy as it may sound, always

but i need you, want you, heart you (my dear)
will you touch me? Rub yourself all over my body -warmth-
let your hands roam freely
go ahead & use me, just don't break me
You are my Goddess & i your God
together the warmth is ours, no matter how loud
Will you undress me, as i lose your clothes?
pushing toward you & letting ourselves go

We are not connected by rubber
but some other abnormal transcendance
our own Telepathy & Collective Unconscious
Our Shadows, minds, body are on there
& i am happy, now.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Spring Warm Cold

But Somehow, with the Spring Air in February
& melting ice piles
scattered out among yellow soaked grass
& the hazy moist fog Wind
blowing down through the crevasses
But somehow, potholes cracked
asphalt buckled
& you only hear the splash of dampness on car tires
speeding past in their wind
where is your washer fluid?

is this normality?

You can see your Breath, but feel Warmth
Curled up inside, Under, Wrapped a blanket, faded Blue
but still warm - still as a Rock, Worn over the centuries
the Ceiling is littered with mold, growing from the hot
the steamy Showers in which you linger -
Stinging water that turns your skin bright Red, that soothes the aches
that fees the orange-ish mold slightly, sight of Steam ridden mirrors
But your still Cold, your nipples harden as soon as the water leaves
Shaking & Gasping for Breath
Your Brain rattling away inside your Head
Premature thoughts of the Warm Blanket come back
haunting the Spring Warm Cold day of February

Lose Yourself, Let Go, Feel the Rush

Walk along streets, half deserted, filled with
a grey Cloud of Air, Storm clouds over your Head
only over you, only bit of Respite

Kick the ice & watch it Dissolve

Rocking Back & Forth, just to keep Warm, Movement,
Rather than stagnation, a nation in your mind, you Commander in Chief
moments of movies play back -
Confusing your life, desires, with Fictionality

Is any of this Real?

Distilled Water please, no hold the "French" Fries
Salt clogs my pores, Acne spreading all over
muscles pulled taught in anguish - back Arched
& then gone in a Second, Flashes of Camera light
Flash, Flash, Flash
grabbed my soul

Coughing in the cold, ever Persisting
drawing our your longs, Sneezing & losing your Breath
a sticky sweet Air filling your Body
But i am running on something Else Altogether
something dry & thick, cracking away inside

& the time passes slowly, creeping by, moving like a Stalled Car
in a class, @ a work, sleeplessness on a bed
hours go by in days
despaired equality still popular

But this is not Here, not Right now, no one is Present
"Raise your Hands please, as i call our your Names"
Blank _____ -
Blank _____ -
Blank _____ -
"what is this mess?" - You are still a Stone, but worn smooth,
moved in such a manner, displaced from your natural Sandbox

poor Rain, Acidic in my clothes, but not burning, nor Bright
the stars are hidden, the moon ran away
along with the smells, the other colors, your lies
they sting, found in a Cracked mirror, moving like Rivers, streams
flowing sweetly to you, my lost one, my decrepit One

But i am happily lost in my head, & my Real One saved me, the
Truth came, held my hand & cultivated a smile
giving new life to this old body

but the February weather
draws you out of the house
bringing hardships

the lack of movie happiness Craziness
strikes home again - Home Run Sold, highest bidder
no one will win the Computer Wars

Type away, but i do not know Binary
00010110010 .... whatever that is ....
the keyboard, littered with crumbs, stained with Bacteria
the desk decaying, the room self implosing
the bed springs pushing you out the door, while
the fish tank, with its glowing green Algae, growing exponentially,
the Fish, swim dutifully,
All day long, They won't notice
nor will the Stone.