Wednesday, February 23, 2005


liveStrong & yellow; banded on your arm
a beakon to your beliefs, inner soul - in a way
i gave it to you & have mine as well
does this connect us?
are our souls joined through this yellow?

doubtful, to say the least

But do not worry, my dear
not at all
Because with this cold feeling running though my body
i know that you will warm me up, however numb
i will be there, cheesy as it may sound, always

but i need you, want you, heart you (my dear)
will you touch me? Rub yourself all over my body -warmth-
let your hands roam freely
go ahead & use me, just don't break me
You are my Goddess & i your God
together the warmth is ours, no matter how loud
Will you undress me, as i lose your clothes?
pushing toward you & letting ourselves go

We are not connected by rubber
but some other abnormal transcendance
our own Telepathy & Collective Unconscious
Our Shadows, minds, body are on there
& i am happy, now.


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