Monday, March 21, 2005

How the Fish Survived

a tiled mosaic lined hallway running on forever
the drummed down acute sleep escapes with every breath
from which the cloaked shadow leaps

glazed over eyes comb through the hallway citizens
almost bloodshot, but an eyelash falls in my hand
blinking away something that is ruminating in my head
(a growth (cancer if you will) that persists without a doubt)
the glace over the light green-blue hued tiles
and the denizens of this outside rectangle
reflect over the humming fluorescent lights

but one light strobes, playing with the twisted shadows
like a stormcloud with flashes of lightning
small thunderclaps of “ping” – “ping” as the light bounces
no direction in this miss, no rain or snow
a rather dry chaotic summit that erupts in a burst of movement

“what time is it?”
no one knows, oh well, it seems to not really matter anyways
zombies more through the hall – barely grazing one another at a pass
until a settled peace returns in moments
the lingering dust and salt and odors dance through the air molecules

these eyes still grow weary
after this harsh continuous movement
scattered peoples look dazed, look this way, sometimes

does the collapse come in this moment?
no, wait it out my dear
the truth has yet to gain an Epiphany
the Climax is coming, Still
as a feather moving toward the ground

Later, as the sun hides
as the dirt is kicked up and tires groan
when the day’s teeth are rotting away
right before the dentures are set –
then, not a moment before nor after
as the world teeters on the edge of a stabbing knife…

the shower turned on – even as the light bulbs died out
the water pressure is a constant massage
hot enough that your skin is turning a pinkish-red colour
the knees gave way – slowly and shaking
letting down somewhat – until at last – laid upon the shower floor
gasping, shaking, cold
the memories of those moments flew away long ago

But in this anti-climatic moment
when the shower curtain moves between the warm and cold air
the struggle was almost complete
as the body is weak but hard and very thing – stretched out
goose bumps linger all over, nipples harden
the mouth is dry in a steamy moist sauna room
taught muscles cannot move, nor can thoughts break through

pale blue, glazed over eyes
move back and forth
a rather unpleasant climax
sex drive set to null
yet consciousness remained (somehow)

the lint from the bed is a cover
as is the midnight blue fleece
swimming motionless as a Prisoner of War
the beat of footsteps always echoing
in this…
this… catatonic state

in my veins the blood runs away
and nothing is ever gained
in the cracked fish tank, all i can see
is an image of you
it kept me away, awake

dreamless days can go on forever
the bending of a Universal Space Time Continuum
if you so please – stop to set the alarm
for the time to wake from this comma state

a tragic affair in the water system
purify cleanse it all out – will you, can you?

what need for this TV
just sit on a street corner – call it:
Public Amusement Show
there is reality enough for myself – even though i cant feel the touch

this dissipating thought
dissolves down into a pile of ash
smoked myself till the end
nothing can really be made of this

but, but, but….

the fish survived it all (somehow)