Friday, March 18, 2005


Possible to levitate
i try to let go - Realize
the end is always near
action of the consequences
crumpled leaves in a dry ground

what can cause this chaos?
One more time again, my dear
-dancing together-
we shall float & find the Truth

drifting off - but nailed to this miss

the snowflakes drift in & out of Vision
avenue of my eye is tugging me toward
this inevitabel possibility
a crying damp sun, has no life
whisps of the clouds race each other
hoping to exist-down in this...BlackOut

lay face down- let the mudd come over
fill your lungs - sweet & messy
get some more

bathe in this stolen Reflection of Yourself
there is no pluse, is there one?
one more time again for entertainments sake.


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