Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hostile Tolerance

a hostile thought this late in the day
@ your 5 a.m. wake up call
sit ans shatter the lost art of your secrets
a tent to keep your watch from disappearing
the guidlings for leaving your beloved mannerisms behind-
still burning in your thought processes

the breakthru might come at last in the final moments

a gathering stream prepares its aim - to launch at its target
armed and ready for is discourse (a splash or tidal wave
(whichever you may prefer))
your darkening glance this way can gather some hope
the dark grey socks walk about this room
thinking to be better than bare - Your Superiority Complex
might fight with Odepus
wake up to find internal hostility - Apostleship can now be granted
a passcifist licking your wide eye to Salivate over your sexuality

focus on everything - take over the world dominance throne
sitting high on a piece of splintered stone
a bit too long to wait for waking
perhaps a paraphrase would work better here.


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