Saturday, April 16, 2005

Solar Eclipse

this persistent aching between my shoulders
; i know that your stare is burning through my shirt
my heated, Rising-sun eclipses my being

i found out @ 4 a.m. - awkward and dazed
i see the water is drying up; but can i have some? some more; perhaps;?
clip my ear - watch it grow back, slowly over the ages --
my face is down as i walk away; bumping into my blanket
; you will never know the reality of our moments
under our souls, the wounds don't heal - still forming scabs:-
check your sins at the Clinic, no -;- no absolution for this...

hold on as we go for this ride, UP
anything else you need before this closure?
i'd hope not for sanity's perusal, digging down
my shadow is buried around here somewhere
i could care a bit more if i knew that you loved it
doing this to spike your thoughts

Burning sweat collecting at my brain
tempting my sleepless fog - reasons weren't good enough
not for you; - go lean against the exercise equipment.

doubt all you wan this predicament we are in
i will call you out
and just leave again.


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