Monday, May 09, 2005


going along the Desert path, a bit cold in the Spring
as the sand dunes cascade, the waterfalls dry
a hush falls over the air as the morphology continues
grasp onto the falling rocks
maybe a peacetime lullaby would help the closure

discuss at length these fallen attributes
perhaps a weak link was lost days ago
in these syncopated movements of our dance,
we know our legs are breaking
the calcium deficency creates the brittle numbness
and when confined to the wheelchairs, to the stright coats
the disconcerning gazes don't do much to phaze

but the lingering cold of this tilted floor
mismached by some ugly design
does not numb, nor dimishing the pressure
keen on my escapism - looking for my closed curtain
the wait is on, or was it my war?

forgotten for a moment before i left
i wanted to know the benefits of death right then
do you haev any more aching questions
or will this soul allow itselt to self combust at the
moment of awakening, right before the knife plunges in
and slashes this fragmented heart into nothingness.