Thursday, August 18, 2005

Meaning Less (Revision)

Along this Desert pathway, the crisp spring air shivers -
the san dues cascade, waterfalls dry to a hush
as, in this moment, the transformations echo
hold onto the falling rocks
before the beginning of this peacetime lullaby
(bring in the closure)

lets discuss at length our fallen attributes
prying open the weakest being in our psyche
in the syncopated movements of this dance -
we know that our legs are breaking. broken.
or for worse, amputated.

confined to this reality, a broken promise,
a straight coat falling off the shoulders
as lingering in this coffee
the stars star to become appealing
start warmth with wishful thinking

is this a war, a lost battle?
predetermined fate still stuck waiting,
for a direction, causeway signpost

anymore aching questions before the heat?
allow self combustion for amusement's sake
awake, unaware of the dried knife
slashing a fragmented heart into meaningless.


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