Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Penetrated (draft #1)

a knife to the skin in the dark
and isn't it quaint? Hamlet's self torture
treacherous only unto his very self
and nuzzling closer to the fallen pieces
comforting the thick red blood

the body of water never comes any closer
beyond that point - pain is a tragedy
call for what you need, and see no response
refuse the hopelessness of it all and fall harder
percussion drowning out your reality
the bass won't cover your fate

the ending may not be pleasant
weak enough for one thousand men dying
sorry doesn't begin to start the end
but a wishful glance will only end our dance

a heart may still be pumping, may still function,
but does that mean it isn't broken?

right below this sternum, under this ribcage
the muscles are tense, the skin thin and tight
the war is raging and the weak are falling
no don't attempt amends
stained flesh from every pore, these helplessly leaking eyes
cannot help but stare are the fuzzy clouds lingering above
and the moment of tedium might pass
right before this, angels didn't exist, and now it is a fact
right now, hell is a welcome burden, heaven a twisted cruelty

no someone's not in the wolf, but the world wouldn't stop to notice
contagious at this point that these eyes just want to be pulled out
lacerated internal bleeding can't be stopped when there is no apparent sign
when no doctor can find the blood

too weak to know what to do
too foolish to stop
where can this possibly go, but to it's end?

(the end is all there is to look forward to)


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