Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i need to burn out with this bright aching light
that shatters my eye into a million archetypes
of what could be and shouldn't be.

Undeniably bent on a whim of feathers,
hoping to be surrounded in this bed,
by a comforting belief in the moonlight.

And what is more is the eyes are closed,
the mind is a gutter filled with trash,
and i am only a weak filled man, looking
to drown in my own man made sea.

You know that if i could, i would....

bending this fragrant will to fold up,
to climb from the restlessness, to stare at the moon,
nothing is really lost as these tears move,
something i can't bring myself to tell you.

Uncurling as a wave, and finding a spark of truth in the blazing light,
i need something more than ever before,
even in death i lose, but in life i fail.

"You know...."

Nothing is getting finished in this, just incompletes,
i know that you understand, my dear.


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