Friday, September 30, 2005

Puzzle Pieces

i see the pieces of my puzzle
and they are falling from the table,
knocked over by you,
as you passed my life in a moment.

does everything have to change,
i am scattered on the floor,
with no one to pick up the pieces,
as i lay scarred covering my holes,

i won't fit back so nicely,
some pieces of me ripped, torn, lost
and i belong to the earth,
or maybe to the wind.

in the sure moments that follow your wake,
i slowly stand, regain my footing,
and i settle down to put things back
but the order will never be as it was.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


tonight i feel the beauty blossoming
as i drive in the downtown streets,
alone in the cold,
seeing everyone joined with their other
and tonight i awake to find my desire.

reflecting off the windows,
off of my glasses, the car lights bounce
hitting cracks in the pavement.
chrome and glass, honeycombed self identities
rush to and from everything they are not.

and sitting in this car,
thinking of you, thinking of you,
i wonder why this has to be so difficult.
surely we both want the same thing.
i want to hold your hand, kiss it,
kiss all of you.
is there something wrong with me?

tonight i felt beauty blossom
in my eye, in my heart,
if only the possibilities were allowed to exist
to hold and kiss you, distance has a way
of making you appreciate the little things.
understandable our hesitation,
as i sit in the vibrating car,
there must be something wrong with me.

the green light tells me to rush on,
and i go, racing down the express way
heading for the stars,
looking for my confidant
looking for my queen.
love is irresistible and i want to hold your hand
under the stars

tonight i felt the beauty begin,
and i sighed with the thought of you in my life.
tonight i feel different and awake

and i will search for you,
if only to give you one kiss.

i am fallimg apart
as snow droplets cover the ground,
i don't think you understand
just how much you mean to me.

in the blue night, the stars beam
asking for my deepest wishes,
and i reval all my secrets to them,
my confidants.

but they never grant my simple dreams
so no promises hold i suppose.

the snow becomes my blanket,
that i would prefer to be you
i should have known from the start that i would lose you,
but i want you so much more than you know

grant me one more time,
one more hug, and kiss,
maybe things could be different, but
thats your choice to make,
maybe you could be mine,
and i could be yours,
for an ever.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


my shadow detaches itself,
wandering away, knowing i am nothing
i ask myself this everyday
where does this road take me?

perhaps in the end, it will lead home,
or with some luck - to you
and a smile will dawn.

but the cold air is brisk,
let me warm your hands.

alone from myself, i ask...
no, nothing at all,
nothing that matters.

i want to find some sort of happiness,
why can't that be with you?
why does this have to trouble us?
questions worth asking, true,
but we know the reality of our situation.

and i step forward in the dry leaves
moving the ground, or does it move me?

and i wish to walk hand in hand
with your gentle gaze
no dont ask a thing,
just give me a kiss,
and never leave.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


i scratched at my eyes, and i watched them bleed in the mirror
i touched the blood that dripped down,
tasted my own flesh
in the midst of my misery.

locked in a room, scared, because the sun is out,
when the night comes i prowl
angry and looking to find the truth to being,
in a ghost filled starless night.

the way i make myself feel is happiness,
compared to the love you show me,
call me perverse or whatever, but i never got away,
calling at me, in my death.

i'd much rather die by my own hands, than yours,
what was the love that you wanted to show?
scratches all over my arms, and back,
remind me i'm alive.

even though i know that i am broken, used
i want more of it, to throw everything away,
float away in the wind,
i want to be that piece of paper you step on.

sightless and going deaf from your lies,
the preciousness of being... lacks
and the encounters we have, bring more blood,
from my heart, from your knife

i can't sleep, the scabs break as i toss and turn,
and i live through this all,
make me hurt some more,
and maybe i will claw out my tongue next.

i will run into my grave
no don't follow, i will find the time to go insane
don't leave the stone,
toss me some dead flowers so i know you remember.


despite the deep night, i am swimming
looking for the smile that you bring to my lips,
and i know that i can't be saved
so why not bring me some more pain?
a shot tonight for the memories
and tomorrows in advance for the times ahead.

i bump into the stars on my way to you,
they call out my name,
stare into my eyes, only to run away,
i feel the fool,
playing my songs
pretending to be whole.

nothing really sheds its skin
and i sink deeper into your embrace
i just want you to know....
the words i cant bring out of me
and i may end tonight
but can we trust to hope for tomorrow?

i may be a fool again,
hopeless and lost,
lead me out of the forest
and into your arms,
rescue me.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Haiku #1

i will be your lighter
if you will be my match
blowing in the wind.


come with me, will you?
i want to show you what love can really be,
with my mind and yours linked
a beautiful symmetry

come here with me, in the snow,
way out where no one goes,
or maybe to the waterfalls
lost in the groves.

come with me,
and our kisses will be our rain
our hands towels
the star sky will be our bed
blankets for one another.

come with me
and maybe time will end for us
and the stars will beat in tune
to our rhythmic glances
locking eyes, soft kisses
and an eternity lost in one another.

on the shore of the beach,
the fires grow,
and love is our fortress
so come with me.


everyone wants to be my muse,
so amuse, amuse me
show me life's awkward pose
as the black clouds come rolling in -
kiss me
inspire me
show me
what it is to live -
as space gets confused
the hungry eyes await
for is this really you or i?
no, no, no,
i think we need more feeling today.
what was that secret you swept away?

is this for you or i,
death might be quaint
causing many to faint,
from the lack of rain
from your eye.

Show me something new
and i will love you
with all the breath
with every meaning
before i awake.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Don't Go

For the breath of a moment,
the vacuum that we are in parts time
and we find our bodies crushed together
our lips part,
and everything that we are meshes into one.

eyes are irrelevant for this existence
and our hands are probing
and the air doesn't matter
locked together in a tangle of limbs.

with the lights on, and the world shaking,
nothing else matters anymore.
a peaceful reality in the tranquility
found in the humanity of being
at last.

"please don't go" is all that we can say

Seperation From The Womb

The worst of it all is your secrets
tearing us apart, creating a division
wasting this life we had.
let the pain go.

Never touch what is yours,
leave my dust to settle,
my choice is to die a newborn,
but not from your womb.

The best i can do, is to not be like you,
make the decision to grow,
beyond the guilt, beyond the pain,
the lies that divvy up our eyes,
the choice is not to end up like you.

For once make the sacrifice, grow to be a person,
and stop the worrying,
before the end comes,
tell the reality of life to me, lost as i am,
thought that you were a guide,
thought you were here to teach, and lead,
but not to me,

right now tearing at my heart
you are no better than the murderer
killing me with your walls, and lies
never touch yours
and i will hold back my tears.

i will not be like you after all, sick and perverse
my consciousness is greater than that i hope.

Friday, September 23, 2005


time... turn it off and stand with your feet firmly planted
the world will fall, shake, already breaking
one for the first time we kissed
two for the last our lips were pressed
three for the death we bring around us.
is reality in our heads, sweet lies we hide behind, my dear.

Let me forget this and let go of this illustrious pain
you bring.
begin our hearts beating our of order,
and the synchronous unison that was there - dissipated.

melt away our wax tired lips with the sunrise,
caught in the waterfall of bright light,
and the schism that was begun begins to end.

in the sky we are blind, but now we walk away.
far from our parted souls we can glance back
at the world we had created,
no more longing, no more loving, just ashes raining
listening to the brokenness
reading the lines of our bodies
before the clouds come and cover us,
and now gone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Take my flesh apart, a dismantled array of brittle bones,
a small road to cross and there i am, in my own ashes
reunited with the earthly embrace of illustrious breathing
no longer a head, or a pulsing life
a stream of unconsciousness running along my shadow
and being leeched from this old body.

Forgetting how death came upon me, but no eyes will befall me
no one will see how i ended
and i hover here, over my spatial mess
let me be blown away in the wind, dust to piss,
lost in a reality that never existed.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Empty House

in this tattered palace in which i reside
some call it a mind
drawn to the open doors and empty halls
whispering through the wind's tongue
why give them that chance?
turning to lock the key, who will stop me?

Faking this consiousness for a lifetime
death creeped up on this soul years ago
the strong will remained, decaying retroactively now
in the piss poor light and love
my grave isn't level after the thunderstorms,
the earthquakes and tornados
the empty staring halls, the
fake asbestos lingering in the decayed cloth

all the same thievery and pain,
the fakeness and illusions
the lost synergy
everything is culminating in a volcano
exploding out my skull into my already premature emptiness.

Waterfall Haiku

waterfalls move mountains
through the ages
sprinkling with a trickle of dust


i'm alone as i shake
in these walls i can't break
and there must be something more
sometimes i feel just little bit empty
i pace down stairs to my core
hoping and hoping for that ideal
but nothing anymore is real
and each day as i wake
in the first moment of pity
i long to be down by the lake
the hopeful place of this city.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Trancending nothing.

dripping wet, soaking through my skin
my body hardens, and feels the bitter air
the naked body in the window
the sun setting
and only this openness will be here for me.

still taking it all in, pebbled and chiseled
i want to become more like a rock
more than this pinprick i just felt
and stop the bleeding, stop the wounds
from starting.

if i could soar, if i could be immune
i would not dare, though i try
i have no rational at all anymore
just chaoticly confused brainwaves
thinking of you.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


i want to hold your hand, help you understand
the world is a busy storm, and i never want to be alone,
there is a spark in your eyes, glimmering from the lightning,
and i want to write a letter to you,
but if i did, you would already know all the words,
i want to come home to you,
and see your smile, your lips

the letter i did write, is incompletes with our futures,
i started, but i need to your side of the story,
lets just stand out in the rain and hold hands
if i could help you understand these thoughts
and the chaos inside, the smile on my face,
the worries and conversations,
the all night voices.

just to let you know, this is a first, and maybe last
but we will see what the rockets have in store,
the thunder won't part us for long
i find myself coming back to you no matter what i do,
and i just want to hold your hand, make you understand,
how deep this care goes, how short time has been,
but although i can't see you, or be next to you right now,
i know that there is something there,
so can i just hold your hand for now?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Your Words

do you even want me in your life?
what was it that you said, so pointedly,
oh yes, "i love you" and what is that now?
an echo stays into my ears, and i might cry,
if i hadn't known about your lies,
i might have been less hurt,
and more prone to hope,
but nothing can be wished for, nor trusted.

i am weak, feeble and about to decay,
on the brink of collapse as i walk,
and still i find breathing a chore,
do you know what you have done to me?

and i want to pull the plug
and i want to hear your voice
and i want to see you
and i want to kill these thoughts

lonely, describing my emotions
i find no peace, something i will never know
i want my heart back,
to maybe i can glue the pieces together
sew closed your knife wounds
and fool myself into moving on for a moment
until i can truly find someone who cares.

The Grave

Come then, take this - it is (Something)
Come and tilt the ground
so that the dead rest level
they have that sort of power over you
with the streetlamps eternally echoing light
denying the night
pins hold the walls upright
but they still fall
demolition is the first thing that comes to mind,
but thats not right.

no one rests in peace, just pieces
show some more haste.

Stand before us all,
tell your prophecies
but if you aren't dying
what do we care?

The dead, with crooked halos
seem to glow standing still
let amends vanish
as the foggy air lingers.


Powerfully irresistible, i can't allow escapism at all,
defeat is coming in the casework
breakdown at Cicero and Peterson,
stop this obsession only to find a new one
the earth is trembling, or is that me shaking again?
the concrete cracks may swallow me whole.

@ 5 a.m. roll out of the car,
suck up the darkness into my eyes,
awaiting the black hole collapse
join me my enemy,
let us kill until the end
bleed through the shallow cuts
because the deep ones linger on still

broken through your malice, your lies,
your imperfections that i loved to intently

i thought we had something to start,
but that was just my ending.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


as my finger drips
melting as a sea of wax
a porcelain shell shedding
with an imageless flame
dancing behind my eyes
will i fill this pool
soaking into the other contaminates.

sing softly into my ear,
and shift my fine tuning
change the vibrant equilibrium
stale enough for the week old bread
that only helps soak up this...
.... this slowly dissipating form.

give me a chance, please,
maybe, my love, we can be
two melted pools together
fearless because of our words
and comforting looks
feeling my body broken
you have made a change.


rock the boat
tilt the mirror
fall in the snow
call your personal god
watch the sun rise
see the cars die
feel the aching eyes
drive for four miles
eat air
consume everything else
dont forget
still linger
wrap up the candies
melt your spoons
take everything
piss in the water
feel something new.


maybe i should just give up,
let everything just come and consume,
a compromise =ing a deafening heart
smoky, walking, lost,
gut my sideburns,
see the hairs already dead, die

the best won't keep ahead
languish in the summer sun,
dried tomatoes and brown grass
touch the lushness and ruin your thumbs
no such thing as existentialism

1+death, and rebirth, and a soul
causes a multiplicity of self actualization

the bamboo-esque blinds blow in the wind
the pages ripple
the water bubbles stagnantly
watch your hair dry
my hands burn

suns and daughters and wives and
...... nothing
lower the volume
fork over the dumb on a spoon
drink from the Tiki man
pass under
give up.
gave up.

Monday, September 12, 2005


...makes me want to get away
so alive, i breathe in the cold air,
and i am precious for a second, and then tired.

what would be easier, to run away or to face this encounter?
Stretching the truth, coming close to ending it all,
but the goosebumps i get when i think of her,
make me want to stay.

sometimes it would be easier to till my own grave
and rattle away buried alive.

i need to be here, with her in my mind, i cannot escape,
such a beautiful shape,
she makes me feel something different and new,
strong as i may be,
i am weak but not afraid of my feelings, or falling, failing
she has shown me something quite indescribable,
the grave has to wait.

never felt before i stay awake, with ease, just waiting
for those lips, and that smile, and i thought myself brave
i thought myself ready
to die, and maybe i still am, i have shown something vulnerable,
something inherently weak,
the water takes control for a second,
but i am not on my way.

i am not afraid. i know these feelings, unshown as of yet
and my world might be someplace for her to enter into,
we don't have to be lost, not anymore.

and i guess i have lingered, i will not run away,
too much on my mind, and i will not run away,
the time has come to realize that i am awake and not dreaming.

Sinking now

There is something captive inside of these walls,
nothing can get through,
and there is a light fading,
drifting into the darkness, floating in the stream,
keep me from drowning,
it might be too late for me,
but can you save me?

The walls are high, and so much is certain,
death is coming for me, for you,
rock hard and decaying
i hear your voice, as mine crumbles,
i want to see you, feel you,
and maybe then, conversations will be whole.

Before the thick mass and lacking light
suck me down, bring your lips
and give me one last kiss
and every time that i drift away,
that will bring me back.

i have found a certain calmness in my death,
one more time for old times sake
and i will feel the hands pull me under,
never forgetting you.

Untitled (Randomness)

But i want to learn my history
the setting suns
the art of Chinese Calligraphy
but i want to stay (want to stay so bad)
the politics mean nothing to me
and what did you say when you saw god?
what did you do with your fears,
are they under your command,
or are you still bent to their wills?
somethings just aren't meant to be easy.


i've only got myself to blame,
for all of my shame,
and in the end....
in the end...
we returned for the holograph
a senseless collage.... that collapsed
and we all want to stay
to see the sand blow away.

i demand my perseverance
through all the accidents
i look for something thats not easy
but not hard enough
i will walk along the shore and share your eyes.

i want to make love to you,
and enjoy the simple things
share what we need,
and the choice can only be up to us.

i want to stay.

and in the morning's dirty light
arching into the window at the wrong moment,
i want to join your embrace,
as i wait for you to arrive.

the smog hidden stars sing to me
right down the street is a band,
deaf to the honking cars
and i look for you to come.

we sit and we linger, through time
moving both fast and slow
a symmetry of a black hole paradox
and right now, i want to hear the inflections of your voice.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Buried at the bottom of an Ocean
i found your lies
brought by the stars in the night's light,
opening my eyes as the sand poured down my mouth
attempting a feeble moan, a pitiful scream
before i am washed away.

Tracing the lines in the currents,
connecting the dots between stars,
something allows me to see,
the path that i have taken,
without reason.

traveling the world long and far,
to find your god, or one of my own,
opportunities left behind,
but i couldn't seem to find the world,
lost it with the lint in my jeans.

feeding all the images, a panoramic puzzle of thoughts,
before this grave consumed my soul,
established a telephone to reach no one,
and i found god was always a step ahead
weeping like a widow, phantoming the loss, or the less,
i found faces, blurry and condescending,
but not fitting the description.

when days turned into weeks turned into years,
and that all turned into one moment,
not blinking for eons,
when finally a tear shed,
finding myself trapped for a ride down to the bottom of this well.

Beginnings that Lack.

From our desert sessions, lacking the biting air,
even the conditioning couldn't push the heat,
and as the storm drains begin to clog,
with the antiques, the rustic leaves,
a chamber of sound echos in this ear
even the Triangle has packed and left,
but to what end must the seasons change?
should every thought be so scattered,
like flies in the wind?
dismiss reality for a moment,
and see the true parallels arise,
right before life begins to crumble.

The Illusion.

There is an illusion dancing before my eyes,
asking for an embrace of hope,
Awake and wild, i can barely recall,
what it is i am supposed to feel,
if i can even feel.
There is an illusion dancing before my eyes,
so familiar and over-aching in its rhythms,
hopefully lost in the woods,
looking for a broken heart,
needing to be mended.
There is an illusion dancing before my eyes,
in this precious moment,
a culmination of our beings,
pain is an illusion,
as we choose to be human.


walking closer
i saw the glimmer in your eye,
the smile upon your face,
and somehow i just knew it was you
tragic that we didn't catch each other sooner.

rounding the corners, staring into the night,
the moon left us alone
but the people weren't easy to fright,
clam, tranquil and ever warm,
holding your hand
wishing it was locked in mine right now.

and through the streets and sidewalks
as we moved along,
this and that, and nothing at all existed besides us
i found a simple little glow between us
as we kissed,
i found that i didn't want to part so easily

and maybe there should be an encore,
if only there was a rewind on life,
but today is now, and tomorrow is ever coming,
so can we make the best of this,
growing together to see what the starlight holds for us.


in the mirror enchantment, there is some increasingly unclear desire
to lay my head down, and know that you are here,
somewhere, here, longing for your something,
i no longer know, what those moments were like
lost in my fragrant memories.

What happens if this falls through, and the cracks start to bleed,
leading a weary heart too weak to stand on its own, to collapse,
throughout its history, things have never looked so well,
yet what truth does a mirror bring in justice.

Holding onto you until tomorrows morning lights the way,
until the dawn brings us together, and then we part,
passing through the world that no one understands,
can things go this way, be this way.

pain is an illusion, but it can still hurt,
drying unshed tears, and allowing no bit of rest,
looking shattered in the broken pieces of our mirror,
i can no longer see you, even though it is all i ache for.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Thats it, okay?!
Take me away, take me someplace fresh and glowing
i can't escape on my own forever, and i can't be who they want me to be,
pretend my will is feeble for a minute,
and find that i might just be another rock in the sea,
sinking as i lie asleep.

Skip me over the raging waters, and i surrender to you,
disguises come in all flavors, making me want to show the way,
not sure if there is anything behind my walls,
i want to weep on the stars,
pretending to dream in my head.

No more of your lies, or your hatred,
enough is enough, and you will not stop,
pestering my festering wounds that will never heal
i want to lie, i want to cry,
but too bitter to care anymore,
though, still soft at the core.


this distance has a peculiar comfort to it,
just conversations of a distant soul
to another dismembered consciousness.
even though, this struggle is futile,
there might be no chance for these weak wills,
i stand with my feet flat on the ground,
holding you.

the sun rises to the war, and everyone is reborn,
the buddha whispers in my ear,
and you grasp my hand,
the tense, perverse aching comes to a close,
as the generals carry out their orders.

on a whim, the clouds bring the rain,
toxic and bringing life,
our conversation never dies,
we won't dwindle,
in this entanglement.

Limit lessening.

Blue alarm clock light gives of the appearance of radiation in this room,
a dark penniless escape with wood paneling,
but you would never know in this kind of lighting.
fight back the tears of feeling consumed in this darkness.
limitations are just an illusion of society,
a predisposition of futile hope that doesn't exist.

What matter is the higher ground, the lower one will sink just fine,
and sit here in complete stillness, feel the air vibrate
a synergy of energy that cannot be escaped,
perhaps because you are alone,
perhaps because every one else slumbers still,
and yet the birds still chirp,
and the flowers are blooming in the dew,
a never ending tragedy.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


the trepidation of this waning moon boils up the streetlights,
and from the wormwood the bitterness is spit back out,
bring in the holiest statuettes, the bronze that shines,
add the glitter and ritz, and find the street thieves,
but before all, make sure the sun stays put, set.

Bid the fool to come, and pay him well for the stories,
allot the puppeteers a bit more stage time for their woes,
the sun, herself, may not come back, and much needs to be done yet,
preparations, rations and the aching dreadfulness of death.

Forgive not the weeping maidens, the strong armed fools,
they are binded to their faith, seeing only the everlasting angels,
the winged ones who flutter between the keen stars,
waiting for the moment to strike when the streetlamps go.

The palatable anxiety is rising, suffocating the very lives sought out,
finding a comfort in the thick blanket of air.
Everything is killing us, and the jealousy is a nonsensical moment of rage,
right before the embrace of the Earth,
kiss everyone you know, and the hedonism that was once forbidden -
explodes into the pleasurable reality that you will remember,
rather than hurriedly aching to lose thought.

Open the moon, and dwell on the deep craters,
the bright light will blind, and lead to awareness,
wait for your personal epiphany and nirvana to rattle your body and soul,
then completeness will be known.


From the Kingdom, riding down on the invisible horses,
i find that i really am alone, that the concrete forest is binding,
regal qualities matter for the least you could suspect,
for but a moment if only someone could see this.

Did some old bones just come to give a token,
to pay for their passing, or rather, are they resurrected already?
Is judgement day upon us, the eon of an apocalypse swallowing reality,
allowing this discourse flow for an eternity,
while the deaths continue flowing from the rivers.

Why was the Kingdom left, they ask,
because it was destroyed, by the blind, ruthless, and cunning
Lady Death, and survivors there were none. The forest,
it grows in all around, and the spirits carry every hope away.
Maybe a wish could make a difference,
if there was any hope left.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The emerging night sighs softly,
and with a simple “hello”
she turned around, waved, vanished into the shadows,
calmness returning, starts aching.

The turbulence can be felt down here,
on the cracked sidewalk that needs regrowing,
the weeds fear to approach this,
and the crashing of the waves, the blinking headlights,
the forever lost eyes in the sky,
turned around when the plane flew overhead.

Everyone is migrating from one locale to forever,
saved her breath for “hello”
and left within a glace, what never was will not be.

Before the sun returns, run, run, run,
to find the broken scabs, the oozing puss,
the cycle starting over again just once more,
one thing heals, just for another to open,
and her eyes were locked onto mine, for a moment,
then “hello” and a disappearing shadow.

Retracing those moments, the images never come back,
the earthquake may heal the concrete,
or tear asunder new life in this brittle causeway,
and maybe her “hello” will become a “goodbye”

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Death, Herself.

Another cool night for walking these streets,
a late breath of air wraps around my frame,
a blanket delivered by Death herself,
comforting me in these last few moments,
preparing for the inevitability of our life.

No, she isn't here to take my soul,
nor would she even want it, Death knows
that even i am not worth her time.
She comes to collect the fragments of my heart
so she can plant them in her yard,
because i have nothing left to love.

The passing cars, the yells and cat calls,
the seething energy doesn't faze us,
we walk hand in hand, eye to eye,
knowing that i will be forever alone.

Even this beauty dares not come too close,
knows that the black hole of this body
will empty everything and everyone.

The seeds of a once whole heart escape in her reach,
and off she goes, leaving only the wind,
and this dead body doesn't feel the wind,
does nothing to protect itself
but it lingers, waiting with dwindling hope.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hopeful Fools

i'm just a boy that you kissed
someone that you're used to flirting with
so what's this once more?

i don't know what i could do,
i really just want to see you, yesterday,
or maybe tomorrow.

i have found a certain sanity,
in the way that we dance about,
and miss the subjects of old.

i know that there is something waiting,
but is that something you want to explore,
or is it better on hold still?

Maybe you are as confused as i am,
perhaps the last time really opened our eyes,
just to see, how important you are to me.

If chance has a heart deep inside,
If there is any certainty,
If you are willing,

Then we will be,
Then you know i love you,
Then you love me right back.

This is the second time,
although not so direct,
but i never tire of letting you know this

i might have been a boy that you kissed just once,
but maybe with some good luck
that once will be a forever.

morning buddha.

the bronze buddha has a smile,
looking beyond the setting sun
to the new day already breaking though.

i woke early and watched the clouds
before the moon finished its watch
and before the city's slumber halted.
the wind was brisk still, the air pleasantly chilled
and in moments, the sun lifted its arms,
stretching out from its rest,
blinking still as the clouds hurried on their tasks.

buddha really has the right of things,
a deeper understanding of the currents
one with the wind, even made of metal.

i find the day's head unwelcome after the morning
the cool air that had lingered as traffic grew.

the sweeter dreams may not come tonight,
but restlessness will be just as welcome,
what other point could there be,
but diminished in the darkness, or to bow to the light?

perhaps i will find the sun waking late again,
or perhaps a pondering buddha will cross my path,
and we will share some thoughts
on all that could have been.