Monday, September 12, 2005


...makes me want to get away
so alive, i breathe in the cold air,
and i am precious for a second, and then tired.

what would be easier, to run away or to face this encounter?
Stretching the truth, coming close to ending it all,
but the goosebumps i get when i think of her,
make me want to stay.

sometimes it would be easier to till my own grave
and rattle away buried alive.

i need to be here, with her in my mind, i cannot escape,
such a beautiful shape,
she makes me feel something different and new,
strong as i may be,
i am weak but not afraid of my feelings, or falling, failing
she has shown me something quite indescribable,
the grave has to wait.

never felt before i stay awake, with ease, just waiting
for those lips, and that smile, and i thought myself brave
i thought myself ready
to die, and maybe i still am, i have shown something vulnerable,
something inherently weak,
the water takes control for a second,
but i am not on my way.

i am not afraid. i know these feelings, unshown as of yet
and my world might be someplace for her to enter into,
we don't have to be lost, not anymore.

and i guess i have lingered, i will not run away,
too much on my mind, and i will not run away,
the time has come to realize that i am awake and not dreaming.


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