Friday, September 09, 2005


Thats it, okay?!
Take me away, take me someplace fresh and glowing
i can't escape on my own forever, and i can't be who they want me to be,
pretend my will is feeble for a minute,
and find that i might just be another rock in the sea,
sinking as i lie asleep.

Skip me over the raging waters, and i surrender to you,
disguises come in all flavors, making me want to show the way,
not sure if there is anything behind my walls,
i want to weep on the stars,
pretending to dream in my head.

No more of your lies, or your hatred,
enough is enough, and you will not stop,
pestering my festering wounds that will never heal
i want to lie, i want to cry,
but too bitter to care anymore,
though, still soft at the core.


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