Thursday, September 08, 2005


From the Kingdom, riding down on the invisible horses,
i find that i really am alone, that the concrete forest is binding,
regal qualities matter for the least you could suspect,
for but a moment if only someone could see this.

Did some old bones just come to give a token,
to pay for their passing, or rather, are they resurrected already?
Is judgement day upon us, the eon of an apocalypse swallowing reality,
allowing this discourse flow for an eternity,
while the deaths continue flowing from the rivers.

Why was the Kingdom left, they ask,
because it was destroyed, by the blind, ruthless, and cunning
Lady Death, and survivors there were none. The forest,
it grows in all around, and the spirits carry every hope away.
Maybe a wish could make a difference,
if there was any hope left.


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