Sunday, September 11, 2005


in the mirror enchantment, there is some increasingly unclear desire
to lay my head down, and know that you are here,
somewhere, here, longing for your something,
i no longer know, what those moments were like
lost in my fragrant memories.

What happens if this falls through, and the cracks start to bleed,
leading a weary heart too weak to stand on its own, to collapse,
throughout its history, things have never looked so well,
yet what truth does a mirror bring in justice.

Holding onto you until tomorrows morning lights the way,
until the dawn brings us together, and then we part,
passing through the world that no one understands,
can things go this way, be this way.

pain is an illusion, but it can still hurt,
drying unshed tears, and allowing no bit of rest,
looking shattered in the broken pieces of our mirror,
i can no longer see you, even though it is all i ache for.


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