Sunday, September 11, 2005


walking closer
i saw the glimmer in your eye,
the smile upon your face,
and somehow i just knew it was you
tragic that we didn't catch each other sooner.

rounding the corners, staring into the night,
the moon left us alone
but the people weren't easy to fright,
clam, tranquil and ever warm,
holding your hand
wishing it was locked in mine right now.

and through the streets and sidewalks
as we moved along,
this and that, and nothing at all existed besides us
i found a simple little glow between us
as we kissed,
i found that i didn't want to part so easily

and maybe there should be an encore,
if only there was a rewind on life,
but today is now, and tomorrow is ever coming,
so can we make the best of this,
growing together to see what the starlight holds for us.


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