Friday, September 02, 2005

morning buddha.

the bronze buddha has a smile,
looking beyond the setting sun
to the new day already breaking though.

i woke early and watched the clouds
before the moon finished its watch
and before the city's slumber halted.
the wind was brisk still, the air pleasantly chilled
and in moments, the sun lifted its arms,
stretching out from its rest,
blinking still as the clouds hurried on their tasks.

buddha really has the right of things,
a deeper understanding of the currents
one with the wind, even made of metal.

i find the day's head unwelcome after the morning
the cool air that had lingered as traffic grew.

the sweeter dreams may not come tonight,
but restlessness will be just as welcome,
what other point could there be,
but diminished in the darkness, or to bow to the light?

perhaps i will find the sun waking late again,
or perhaps a pondering buddha will cross my path,
and we will share some thoughts
on all that could have been.


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