Friday, September 23, 2005


time... turn it off and stand with your feet firmly planted
the world will fall, shake, already breaking
one for the first time we kissed
two for the last our lips were pressed
three for the death we bring around us.
is reality in our heads, sweet lies we hide behind, my dear.

Let me forget this and let go of this illustrious pain
you bring.
begin our hearts beating our of order,
and the synchronous unison that was there - dissipated.

melt away our wax tired lips with the sunrise,
caught in the waterfall of bright light,
and the schism that was begun begins to end.

in the sky we are blind, but now we walk away.
far from our parted souls we can glance back
at the world we had created,
no more longing, no more loving, just ashes raining
listening to the brokenness
reading the lines of our bodies
before the clouds come and cover us,
and now gone.


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