Monday, September 12, 2005


i've only got myself to blame,
for all of my shame,
and in the end....
in the end...
we returned for the holograph
a senseless collage.... that collapsed
and we all want to stay
to see the sand blow away.

i demand my perseverance
through all the accidents
i look for something thats not easy
but not hard enough
i will walk along the shore and share your eyes.

i want to make love to you,
and enjoy the simple things
share what we need,
and the choice can only be up to us.

i want to stay.

and in the morning's dirty light
arching into the window at the wrong moment,
i want to join your embrace,
as i wait for you to arrive.

the smog hidden stars sing to me
right down the street is a band,
deaf to the honking cars
and i look for you to come.

we sit and we linger, through time
moving both fast and slow
a symmetry of a black hole paradox
and right now, i want to hear the inflections of your voice.


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