Thursday, September 29, 2005


tonight i feel the beauty blossoming
as i drive in the downtown streets,
alone in the cold,
seeing everyone joined with their other
and tonight i awake to find my desire.

reflecting off the windows,
off of my glasses, the car lights bounce
hitting cracks in the pavement.
chrome and glass, honeycombed self identities
rush to and from everything they are not.

and sitting in this car,
thinking of you, thinking of you,
i wonder why this has to be so difficult.
surely we both want the same thing.
i want to hold your hand, kiss it,
kiss all of you.
is there something wrong with me?

tonight i felt beauty blossom
in my eye, in my heart,
if only the possibilities were allowed to exist
to hold and kiss you, distance has a way
of making you appreciate the little things.
understandable our hesitation,
as i sit in the vibrating car,
there must be something wrong with me.

the green light tells me to rush on,
and i go, racing down the express way
heading for the stars,
looking for my confidant
looking for my queen.
love is irresistible and i want to hold your hand
under the stars

tonight i felt the beauty begin,
and i sighed with the thought of you in my life.
tonight i feel different and awake

and i will search for you,
if only to give you one kiss.


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