Sunday, September 25, 2005

Seperation From The Womb

The worst of it all is your secrets
tearing us apart, creating a division
wasting this life we had.
let the pain go.

Never touch what is yours,
leave my dust to settle,
my choice is to die a newborn,
but not from your womb.

The best i can do, is to not be like you,
make the decision to grow,
beyond the guilt, beyond the pain,
the lies that divvy up our eyes,
the choice is not to end up like you.

For once make the sacrifice, grow to be a person,
and stop the worrying,
before the end comes,
tell the reality of life to me, lost as i am,
thought that you were a guide,
thought you were here to teach, and lead,
but not to me,

right now tearing at my heart
you are no better than the murderer
killing me with your walls, and lies
never touch yours
and i will hold back my tears.

i will not be like you after all, sick and perverse
my consciousness is greater than that i hope.


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