Monday, September 12, 2005

Sinking now

There is something captive inside of these walls,
nothing can get through,
and there is a light fading,
drifting into the darkness, floating in the stream,
keep me from drowning,
it might be too late for me,
but can you save me?

The walls are high, and so much is certain,
death is coming for me, for you,
rock hard and decaying
i hear your voice, as mine crumbles,
i want to see you, feel you,
and maybe then, conversations will be whole.

Before the thick mass and lacking light
suck me down, bring your lips
and give me one last kiss
and every time that i drift away,
that will bring me back.

i have found a certain calmness in my death,
one more time for old times sake
and i will feel the hands pull me under,
never forgetting you.


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