Sunday, September 11, 2005


Buried at the bottom of an Ocean
i found your lies
brought by the stars in the night's light,
opening my eyes as the sand poured down my mouth
attempting a feeble moan, a pitiful scream
before i am washed away.

Tracing the lines in the currents,
connecting the dots between stars,
something allows me to see,
the path that i have taken,
without reason.

traveling the world long and far,
to find your god, or one of my own,
opportunities left behind,
but i couldn't seem to find the world,
lost it with the lint in my jeans.

feeding all the images, a panoramic puzzle of thoughts,
before this grave consumed my soul,
established a telephone to reach no one,
and i found god was always a step ahead
weeping like a widow, phantoming the loss, or the less,
i found faces, blurry and condescending,
but not fitting the description.

when days turned into weeks turned into years,
and that all turned into one moment,
not blinking for eons,
when finally a tear shed,
finding myself trapped for a ride down to the bottom of this well.


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