Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The emerging night sighs softly,
and with a simple “hello”
she turned around, waved, vanished into the shadows,
calmness returning, starts aching.

The turbulence can be felt down here,
on the cracked sidewalk that needs regrowing,
the weeds fear to approach this,
and the crashing of the waves, the blinking headlights,
the forever lost eyes in the sky,
turned around when the plane flew overhead.

Everyone is migrating from one locale to forever,
saved her breath for “hello”
and left within a glace, what never was will not be.

Before the sun returns, run, run, run,
to find the broken scabs, the oozing puss,
the cycle starting over again just once more,
one thing heals, just for another to open,
and her eyes were locked onto mine, for a moment,
then “hello” and a disappearing shadow.

Retracing those moments, the images never come back,
the earthquake may heal the concrete,
or tear asunder new life in this brittle causeway,
and maybe her “hello” will become a “goodbye”


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