Wednesday, September 28, 2005


my shadow detaches itself,
wandering away, knowing i am nothing
i ask myself this everyday
where does this road take me?

perhaps in the end, it will lead home,
or with some luck - to you
and a smile will dawn.

but the cold air is brisk,
let me warm your hands.

alone from myself, i ask...
no, nothing at all,
nothing that matters.

i want to find some sort of happiness,
why can't that be with you?
why does this have to trouble us?
questions worth asking, true,
but we know the reality of our situation.

and i step forward in the dry leaves
moving the ground, or does it move me?

and i wish to walk hand in hand
with your gentle gaze
no dont ask a thing,
just give me a kiss,
and never leave.


At September 28, 2005, Anonymous ewa said...

Why does this poem make me cry?


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