Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can you feel it? i am failing right now
weak and weary from your trials,
i will end it right now.

in the classroom i taught,
i thought that i was there to help you,
but what have i done to harm you?

is it possible that i am the worst,
inside i find that i have nothing left,
creating a momentary lapse of reality,
before, before....
i begin my ending.

quickly now, run, run and go away,
because you fear me.
realize that i am not an imagination
and i wont end up living a lie
i will not be your everything,
just a thorn in the palm of your hand.

what more can i gain, but to heal you,
which you won't even allow,
so in our closest moments you go away
and i am left hollowed.

i will hold back my thoughts,
realizing that i am alone
and no one really could care
i will end up this way for eternity anyway.
what do you have to say?

one time i thought upon hope,
i wished upon the fragrant stars
but i only found them vanishing with the sun
a tease.

i will search for truth, meaning and nothing more
love seems to be lost.

there won't be a one more time,
because i have been killed already.


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