Monday, October 17, 2005

Dancing with the Devil

crawling back into the shadows
the forest hides the eyes, face down,
don't tread the mud, sinking deeper,
the fall will come soon enough,
resurrection of the spirit,
rehearse your roles, and play the game again,
set the piece again

for the blackening sky
and the decayed moon, the stars are dancing,
silent victors in the rage, madness
that brought the ending to a close.

levitate and achieve the transmigration
of the soul, sinking deeper into the pool,
become a pawn once more, good or evil,
black and white pieces to be moved,
set your piece, see how it plays out.

the tornado, the room, the black sky
come to settle on the lakefront,
and right before the mouths are sewn shut,
eyes are pried wide open, think Clockwork,
and wash your soul before they grab you,
the wounds will still sting for moments.

crawling away, and the forest holds the devil,
down in his cave.
trust him, or let the others grab you,
choose the road to take, meditate
for the weak, pawn of chess, head down still.

bolted to the ground, uprooted now
and the devil dances to me,
a road of free will, black nights,
and diffident suns.
never wrong left behind for a world of choice.


At October 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heart you


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