Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dreaming or Not

dreaming last night took some time
and away in the night i wept
awake still with the thunderstorms
reigning over my head for hours
what more could i do, but to turn away.

in the cold bitterness of my cough
i look to the bare walls
and i see no reflections in mirrors
my eyes are shattered as is my being,
alive, yet, i pace the ceiling
i need to just crawl away.

i am picking at the scabs
and i feel the shadow leaping
an echo in the hall, steps on the stairs
and what reality is this.

the stars taunt, calling out to me,
asking for the delicate wishes
but they hold no truth.
am i dreaming, or is this what i see.

the sheets still feel damp,
but i'm not going, no not at all,
too weak to slide away
and my glasses are out of reach,
dizzy and lost in the fever.

picking myself apart, and dissolving
in the rain,
making love to my death
i hear the silence stretch on
and with the application of this rag
a cool cloth, i dissolve into a dreamless face.


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