Monday, October 10, 2005

the dried tears hold no comfort
as the stars linger
alcohol begins to lose its effect
and reality is no blanket of warmth
although the mud is cool,
the dried dirt caked
maybe some refuge can be dug around.

perhaps the peculiarities of the soul shattered
and in the starlight, the pieces twinkle,
before sinking into the ground.
the rains come, and creating quicksand
forget this life, to create something new.

the glasses held high, the liquor flowed
and into my heart everything was empty
leveling my gaze into the mirror,
only to see my shadow scamper off in the wind,
where have i been, these days

in the past i found the answers within
and now knowing the nooks of this mind,
the emptiness of the soul
still nothing is found
so the ground gives some comfort
perhaps it just the most comfortable place
and maybe sinking deeper i will find an ending


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