Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Edges

along the edge of the sun
i slide down and out, up and into being -
detox my mind in the sea,
and i sink away
slithering down into the currents
where the sun cannot touch me.

i stood for a moment, and then i lost myself,
coming alive in the shock of losing breath
falling into the leaves that crumble
the dust holds me so close
heavy eyes drift away, looking for snow.

the pauses for air, and dark blue,
but grey comes no matter what.

emptiness won't need a refill,
the bottom of the riot is here,
and the stomach aches,
while my head implodes
the girl ran away,
and my mind went with her.

but who could care,
for the time is here, now,
and the drugs in the water
taste so good.


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