Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Forest

Over and down this path of stones,
i walk in my forest,
watching the twigs shatter and break,
the cold is breathing down on me,
and i am looking to be whole.

i find the fall leaves flying by
look to find the cave
if i hibernate this winter
would any notice? i need warm comfort
but the cold is reigning.

here i go again, and what do i have
but scars on my hands
and here i am alone
my heart was left on the road
was it you who stole it?

i find myself drinking again
as i pace the drying ground
peeking into the letters on the bark
wishing for the tree's calm age

wait for what now,
the animals have all fled,
and i am left here alone,
the sun as left too,
and in the dark i wonder
wandering, looking for a hand to hold.


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