Saturday, October 08, 2005

Longing for Her

it may be dark and deep in night,
but the glittering stars
make me think of you,
your wishes, and how i wish for you.

i knock on your door, and wait
seeing your smile brings me back
and i just want to kiss you over and over
even if we are just walking along
can we both disapear?

i see the stars twinkling
and i push myself to them
asking only for your touch
and your lips
for a moment to look into your eyes.

in the morning's hazy light
i lay and think of you,
tragic as things may be
i still want you next to me
i might just kiss your lips,
with a bit of chocolate
to make the deal even sweeter.

and the mirror's reflection,
brings us closer, as i wrap my arms around you,
i smile - looking in your eyes
and we melt into one, in our world together.


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