Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Looking out my WIndow

i stand still in a pose, for the morning light
in my eye i see a glimmer flicker,
clouds come rolling over
and the rain begins to pour,
in the rhythmic sounds echoing
something sweet whispers in my ear,
and i dont care to think anymore.

and the day came and i found the people staring
with the reflection and dirt
kneeling on the floor,
in my own blackness
i look for the sun to come again.

and when i wake the next day, it is in my eye
watching so intently, and hoping for salvation
my purple heart is alone
and aching for warm before the first frost.
i held my gaze
and i didn't dare blink,
no i wont smile.

i won't steal my breath, and i wont hold on anymore
gut myself, pour myself into a bowl
see how i swim, see how i sink
and i refine my ending.

spread out the butter on the bread,
and eat, they'll say, but i only care about the blue
sky, lingering in the back of my eyes.

i never wanted to happen,
and its not something i can live through,
i am not so sweet, but i hunger for love,
to belong with the clounds and stars,
if only i didnt frighten them too.


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