Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Storms and stars

thunderstoms rage behind my eyes
lightning dances with them closed
and the rain seeps out still, down my face
but what was before this moment,
a parting glance in your direction,
and no goodbyes to break the glass wall.

the night is old, and the moon weary
stars linger, yet tired of my ranting
my own mistakes belong to me,
why should they care, my confidants
the window that seperates us,
defeats our joined meaning.

for the numbness i feel,
an icepack would be fitting,
and still, a hot pad for the blood im spilling
too scared to think
too weak to move
i just want to be held for once.

i dont know if you notice me even,
and the stars pay no mind,
i am just happen to talk to them,
glance your way,
and be something with dreams and wishes.

i will walk away, and welcome myself in dreams
dreams that never come
so in the lost forest of my eyes
behind these walls, and behind this facade
i will linger alone still
meditating on this thunderstorm and stars both.


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