Sunday, October 02, 2005

swinging in the wind,
sometimes i wish breathing were easier.

the cracks in the ground, match my veins
looking for my blueprint in nature,
can you help me find the moon again?

the stars are scattered, and calling,
asking for my secrets, and i pour them out,
but would you listen as intently?

i want to get away, and i'd rather it was with you.

constrained in thoughts that won't pass,
i don't want to break in the rain,
melt as the dirt on your shoes.

can i unwrite my life to start once again?

i want to end, but will you hold my hand?

i ask too many questions, and i never find the answers,
come away with me, and i will make you smile,
and i will kiss you again and again.

living life with no meaning,
but happy to be in each other's hand.


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