Sunday, October 23, 2005


i want to be that flower in your bed,
growing for the sky
tended by your care
but just another distraction.

the possible heart here lacks some hope,
breathe into me and give me life
and then we can go from there.

i watched myself fall
as the angels lept and played about
laughing in the clouds
playing their own reality shows
my knees were weak,
and your heart made me crumble
blowing away in the wind
as dust in a storm.

as a flower i would die,
wither with age and dry up
press me in a book
for safekeeping, and memories.

the heart is dead or dying
but maybe it will be eternal
keep it close for an eon.

i give all my numbness
to bring back the heights
flying where i feared to tread
with some not meant for me
and bless your thoughts and heart
throughtout the earth
i trembled and shook
for your love.


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