Saturday, October 15, 2005


you asked me what time it was,
and before we knew it the block was ending,
the walk we took just started
its one in the morning, and we couldn't care less
in the fall chill, take my shirt
and be warm with me in this night.

lets forget about the past,
and no don't talk right now.
hold my hand and lets find the lake
look out to the stars,
and just kiss in the moonlight.

in our bodies we can only meet,
and let the transcednence of our souls connect
for a moment in the wave's melody
a perfection of presense
as we lock eyes, time doesn't pass.

this is our story to tell,
in the skyline, right where it meets the ground,
maybe when we are old
or when we have gone
walk with me some more now.


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