Wednesday, November 30, 2005


the black nights yield no answers
soft spoken words of destruction
meander though a bridge collapsing
search out the truth in an alleyway
the closest to the edge
before failing.

tired and down in the mud,
is this the best of god, or the innocent
will suffer some more, just enough.

pretend that these dreams don't exist,
or wake to find nothing was ever real
to begin the departure, make sure
that the lines are clear, but unfortunate.

the polls don't show enough,
but in the eyes of those watching
who can breathe in some refreshments.
and forgive the lies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


the escape is coming in through the moments
a mountainous ocean looming over the shore
and keep the silence close to the waves.

eyes burn from the tears of the lake,
and the snow falls delicately along the sidewalks
following the footsteps that can lead to you.

looking up, will you be there, but continuing on
and the dark nights won't make things better
for a dream of you, there would be a bit of respite.

walking to you,
speeding from the past
driving along reality.

and in the moments shared in a mirror
drinking tea and talk of all we can stand
totally enveloped in a different happiness.

what kind of damage can we have now,
the storm comes, passes, and dissipates,
a consideration of the perfection.

tempt me
lead me
take me.

and down in the place we shall reside,
feeling the peace come over again
we will slip away, taste each other.

changing each other in a compromise
and for the too few glances and embraces
dreams will be shared and created.

without you here, beneath all i am
the tears would have lingered, the walls strayed
but broken and free, fading into something more.

come away and lets go to our own palace
never to die, never to cry, never to mind
a happiness found in one another.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


i hope through the days
waves crash in a pool
along the alley ways
the lights hum sweetly
and this what i know as normal
sometimes there is work to do

in a fortress,
far far far far away,
a picture of you lingers
to go there
transform it to reality
a perfection of unification.

a rainy fog filled lightness
caused by the iridescent
break along my cracks
but no don't ask
or better it is to stay awhile
here with me.

Epiloge: Eon Apocalypse

with the srpeading out of the sun
obscured eyes reach out for the rays
the moments of tedium fade
dilluted phrases peak out of people's lips
thunder crashes
a small thanks
a dead land

broken, weary, and floating
in transmigration,
fear the unknown,
test the damp water
and go on.

in the abyss, that goes on
a molecular mile to reach out
grab a hand
and let the end come for an eternity.

right here, give blood,
and keep nothing safe.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

to send you in
; the truth cannot be told at this juncture,
maybe if you come back - the darkness sets in
sell yourself short, and in the meantime
a maritime good time to come at dusk
; all the moments of your life
add to a disadvantage, precussion to your soul
the wings of angels clipped, no means, no antichrist
nothing nowhere, nothing to forgive above the sea.

run and hide,
ANGRY thoughts hide the past, but what is this, this moment,
of reality in a cupboard.

promise the death from above,
but kill with a gun, who is the killer
bullet or man, dream the truth and awake
to tell the masses, and preach
the reign of god.

nothing more nothing for attachment
arrive in the dark
and leave in the car, look for the way home.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

i move with the currents
and i may just fall, like the snow, a bit displaced.
in the sky, i see the sun haning high, but clouded
walking away even in the morning,
i can only hope for the glittery days
but i will be moved away with the tides.

as i walk away in the streets, i forget my name,
and i won't know where i am going
until i am there, i hope you will be too.

and i pass away, with a slow gleam,
in the twinkling stars of the nights,
i wonder which have already died,
and are but a memory.

i know the spin can't hurt, but i crawl
and sitting on someone's steps,
begging for a friend
i ask just one phrase "can you give me away"

for the night comes to early and the morning too soon
and i am afraid of what you might give me
my possible heart, is yours
and i long to be even more
but will you walk away?
what road do you take, and will i join you,
or do we take the fork and run away.
i will come for you,
save the day,
and maybe, in this heart's pose, we will find bliss
a smile here and there... the chains gone
just hands in hand and walking in our forest
a maze in our love
making a clean joining.

the bones of my buried past
are coming back tonight
and in the lake i wait,
still in the rapid waves
i am drunk with their love,
but dying again the way they hurt me,
the shadows are closing in,
and the tears that i know will fall,
rain into a pool cupped hands of mine,
i cannot help but not notice
and for a moment i die again
for each one of them
but i can't just forget, or rest
or be settled,
i will die, die, die, die, and be reborn each time
who will shelter me from the storm,
who will give me the love
and who will show me the way to thier heart?


i walk into my mirror
and i bumped my head again
as i tried to be alive,
but numbness became me,
come on, we will go away from here.

this ghost that is clawing at my eyes,
tries to rip my right eye out,
and i feel the fingernails,
and i sit back and reflect,
what it is like to not recall, these moments,
that pass me by.

the past is a stone, pulling me down,
maybe it will wear away, before i hit the bottom,
and i am lonely in this cold car,
with a broken heater and exhust,
i am sorry,
but i just want to sleep,
and never be again.

maybe i can go on again,
and as the pain eases away
the numbness is irrelavent
a pointed moment before i collapse
in a lustful manner of ideology
that will never realize itself,
and i am a waste, without her next to me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


the water rocks my soul,
and with a felt tipped pen, i am drawn again,
in the sad air sighing,
driving in the morning light, to the lake, now
i see the small, frightful life i was afraid of,
getting high in my manners, and
i slide down to my eyes;
in the sky there are two crows,
waking up the sleepers,
and in the rush hour bumpers,
i crawl to my brain,
for moments to be with you,
finding my hand is already in yours.
the ink is fading, but i am dripping,
and as i slip down the page,
i change, morphology is my theory,
and i will walk down to you, and
we will walk it all away, or walk away
or walk together, or some other nonsense
in the time we spend together, eye to eye.

Get Home

bury me in my grave right here
at the dawn
i will the the truth
and succumb to the earth,
manning my own demise, trickster,
tell me one more time,
was it worth it in the end?

Soon now, i will be home,
but i don't know how to get there,
show me a light, or a dark shadow
and maybe i will hesitate for a mere moment
before dropping down
into the muddied hole.

The Last Moments

imagine the chemicals bleeding together,
and in those impossible moments,
i reach over to just kiss you,
you who could burn me where i stand,
with beauty rare, and charm i dare love,
i raise my eyes and give you my soul.

for a breath, i ran, and ran and ran,
and in the moment of collapse,
i saw you walk back in our room,
and determination set it, and i turned to leave,
taking you everywhen with me,
dreaming of having so much more.

i can look to the calender, but the days drift away,
for the days we spent, turned into a lifetime,
and the moments that make us,
are the best in which i have lived,
and shattered glass under my fingernail,
broken bones, and bruised egos,
forgotten lore, and lost forests,
could burn away for nothing really matters to me anymore,
except being happy, and being your happiness.


i feel so lazy, a steamroller could crush me,
and no, i wouldn't move,
i wouldn't budge an inch,
and with a flashlight, you would have to find me
but i would only come for the one that i love

and as i am blinded, and as i am flattened
i would laugh, a despondent, decadent laugh,
in the dark of my mind, i find no rest,
but a baby born will be sleeping well tonight,
and i will take my last breath, and i will plunge

for the waking moments that spare me,
and the eyes that roam, i'm only looking for one pair,
one hand to place in mine, and one body to fill my arms,
in the moments that turn into melodies,
i am just looking for you to come and save me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Days

i sit in the morning air, and i dream of your face
revolving in my head, a slideshow of your pictures
and as i sit here, in the black light,
hoping that life will come back.

the cold can't touch me
and i burn where i stand, your smile
and your eyes bring me back,
in these moments i just want to leave it all.

i have you in my thoughts, as i pace around,
this tedium that breaks my mind,
as i work to get away
and just to be by your side.

Monday, November 21, 2005

In Rest

somtimes, i would give the world
to be with you, and trading it all
be in your arms
to try and be 'ordinary'
and find that peculiar place of happiness

i try and rest
but the dreams never come
alone in this bed
awaiting you, staring into the ceiling

lost in thoughts
the day turns into a night
and again alone, i stray
thinking of you
i need to see you
hold you, and we will be whole.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Running Away.

my love, don't love me,
the hurt and out in the rain,
i must say that i want to follow you
and in the prying eyes,
i pour myself out,
what is the time?

come around to the clock
and everything is closed
my body looks for the pain
and the scratches have their stories
the bruises their aches
and the eyes throb

i can't say that i give a fuck
but if it feels good
lets try, just for luck
i will tie up my hood

my phone vibrates
as i leave the room
blue darkness swallowing

singing in the car, rain on the hood
and the heat doesn't work
the engine stalls
so we walk away on the expressway
you say such pretty things
as we lose our bodies
in the gutter.

excuse me, can you hurt me,
hurt me, and the pain will be so good
as i burn from the loss, and the eyes
decay and the heart flutters
at thoughts of you
but just hurt me

Needing You

i hear your voice, see your face,
but in the darkness of the moment,
i only want to hold you even closer.

the rumors of my demise,
are nothing compared to the reality
and in the ending moments,
you are all that i need.

feel your hand in mine,
as the crowded streets birth us
into the alleys of dark nights
and torried cat calls

dead as i can be
you hold me limp but breathing
i can't believe the ending has come
but you are all that i need

your ablilty to create a smile on these lips
to form the perfect phrase
that causes a kiss and embrace
someday i will never leave your side

and maybe i am better off this way
in the ground,
leaning over my lost soul
knowing you are all that i need

my rise will come with the dawn
and you will be there
every alley way and doorstep
and in my heart's content
you are all that i need.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Let Go

in the satelite's pose on a distant moon,
dancing in the airless space,
the bodies move closer together,
and swaying drunkenly, they come to be one

my confidant, my love, my only soul,
take my whispers, keep them safe,
but do not bury them in your core, away,
keep your lips on mine,
as we float away

in the darkness, we do not need to see,
but our eyes fight the sleep,
and the warmth of your skin
on mine, creates a friction, spreading
to this heart.

and lost in your lips, words, and smile,
the universe doesn't matter anymore,
in the surrender of ourselves.


A soul departs, and the devils open their eyes,
in the morning light, pale grey eyes slip to the floor,
sitting here before the sun cames back,
and a heart leaps out of the way, but
in the death, wandering prevails, lost in a forest.

can the body feel this, a small cut on the forearm,
moments react like water, slow and unsteady
presenting the futile lies,
feel the thoughts come back again, but don't
don't walk away.

A soul departs, and the stars have nothing to say,
the greek godesses welcome with open arms,
until they recoil in retreat from the burning,
unlike the ruler, chasing the hound away,
feel it, now, coming back
the memories of the wind.

i want to learn how to die
as i look for the confessions in your eyse,
to lose it all, a sweet rememberance
of our very last dance

in the blurry nights of love
all i needed was a hug
but when the ending came
everything was the same.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Out of Time

my eyes burn like sulfur from the ashes of the volcano,
and in the dark light, glowing tonight
pale streets and bitter cold
clashing with steel bladed pupils.

a hardened shell with no rememberence,
inhales the exhust of the air, and in the dank
somewhat broken glass, rolling my head
over and around my neck
calling limpness just doesn't seem right

let the ashes blow away,
the body dissipate in the flurries
and ready, right now,
the stars come down.

the broken start, and last to finish
nothing to be carried away
but past memories
of me, i, who never was.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Vacant eyes stare out into the cold fires,
and in the last moments of drowning voices,
the sun rises once more, a bit optimistic...

you're ability to tantalize me...
wakes me every morning,
as i play dead; maybe one day
you will walk right up
and say "take me"

maybe its better off this way,
cold and distant,
but the reflections linger,
as we become perfect.

in the days the come,
thoughts stray into yours
and facing fate,
denial is nothing new,
but walking away i say
"i shall make it reality"

and as you turn to face me,
in the moments that became days,
we become so much more
than imaginations could conjure
in the locked lips
nothing more we'll say.

in the moonlite stairs
on days spent in an embrace
nothing needs to change.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


A sparrow singing
reaches the highest pleasure
down the road silence.

can i play the role of the fool longer,
the play is full and the room is imploding
and the seizing gasping laughing crowd
begs for more,
shouting and taunting,
can there be some explaning,
everyone needs to know the truth
and i am exploding
i am dying
i just want to know why
i need to understand.

what did you imagine,
when the snow first fell?
did you see the beautiful stars at night,
when the eyes of the angels wept,
or was there something broken in you,
as your breath could be seen....

the choas of the departed,
leave the shores of concrete bare,
and in our own fortress, the walls,
they crumble now in despair.

what was your question, and did you ever dare ask?
what more did you need in the rain and ice,
as i slipped and broke myself

in the predawn mornings,
filled with shots of whatever is left,
the bottles clatter in the garbage
as something ruminates for being alive.

the crows bleed and its raining red,
in the rooms of thunder, save the ground
and shake the dice into the sky,
distance is growing shorter but
the dancing never pauses, reality at its best,
and forget the moments of kisses
memories linger on but the death comes again.

the dead sky is growing, breathing, sucking
everyone in.....
the only walls left are astral and where were you?
ghosts come to steal the eyes,
quarters and dimes and pennies
will disipate into eternity the destruction
for the angels will break open like an egg
and the tennants walk away.

the apocalypse and eternity of it all,
comes as well fall
forget the lies of your mothers
the green alge will survive yet
and the reservations explode
into the grey fire, lingering in the hands
of the forsaken, water comes from the mouths
of the poor
and in the hearts of everyone
we cannot move on.

Come now, Come on,
and i don't even want to think of you anymore
no what is the deal with the sky
going grey and running away
the blue sea is chaning to green,
what you do is no business of mine, no longer
no, no, no longer we will be melded
and for what cause do you want to leave,
forget the past girl, and come on, now,
the tree is only falling on us.

What do you want from this,
don't try and escape or we might kill each other,
before the sun comes and goes
after the moon hangs itself and the stars weep
just ask me the questions you are too afraid to see,
and lets go, go, and lets go and find the eyes of god,
in the gardens crying aloud for the burning stars,
oh what more do you need, but a tear in your eye
and a hand in your hand in your hand,
come now, come on,
lets make the best of the world as it decays.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Coming Down (from the Mountain)

What is that cloud in the sky,
the pieces of the mountains
worn over the years,
cannot fit back together longer
and constained in the sky
the movement of the the pieces
shatter the death of the air
and soon the worse it will become.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Farewell Angels and Apollo

in the pale light at dusk,
Apollo is walking away
and with him the newborn cries,
hopeless for the darkness setting in,
the Angels cannot stop their tears,
so weak in the moments that clouds crash
and the eyes die,
when the sky is emptied of the angel.

down the street, feelings run away,
and the Rulers chase the empty air,
as the damp dark atmosphere cries out in vain,
the moments we all have waited for,
may never come after all

the sinking angel, has nothing more to say,
her closed eyes, draw everyone in,
into the center of it all
and we can all feel it, inside of us all.

Farewell Angels and Apollo

in the pale light at dusk,
Apollo is walking away
and with him the newborn cries,
hopeless for the darkness setting in,
the Angels cannot stop their tears,
so weak in the moments that clouds crash
and the eyes die,
when the sky is emptied of the angel.

down the street, feelings run away,
and the Rulers chase the empty air,
as the damp dark atmosphere cries out in vain,
the moments we all have waited for,
may never come after all

the sinking angel, has nothing more to say,
her closed eyes, draw everyone in,
into the center of it all
and we can all feel it, inside of us all.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the flames are rising
and the tea burns my tongue,
shaking my fist away all day,
pain and aches come and go,
shaking all the night away in spasms.

for the period of a breath
take the moment to just relax.
and burn to ash,
no dont dare forget your name,
in the pool of piss on the ground.

eyes drip out of their sockets
and everything is harder to handle.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On The Shores of Confessions

I. Spatial Distribution of Sand

Rocks clutter the cascades of this lonesome lake,
in the table that we have set up,
sit in a desparing pose upon the stool there,
in your eyes we shall read...
of something done so long ago,
or quite the other day,
before you think to leave, spill out yourself
upon the breaking waves and worn stones.

The devil and holy angels, they have nothing to say,
nothing to break the silence of your gaze,
and stay tonight, and write me a story,
about the everlasting gaze of the stars,
in the moments to come, just look away
and deny everything,
even though it is all written down already,
burning in the blood on the ragged paper.

In the Distance look to see, all the fires rising,
the sun crashing into the moon, and a quake rising the waters,
for the cutting of your lips, upon the workds spoken,
and the distance done to us, what more could happen,
the eyes that were so beautiful,
weakend and faltering before you plunge down
to be with the mermaids once again.

II. The Crashing of the Moon

With the setting stars, spread out like a luminescent blanket
that is being dragged to the floor,
the moon is faltering too, being dragged down.
and with the broken eyes, and shattered glass
that falls from the distinct face,
if only blurryness could set it right about now...
carry out the broken path,
and find the cross buried deep in your walls,
pour out the blood stained sins of your life
and dwindle down into a mote left to seek refuge
from the gathering storm.

On the edge of this cliff we hang from,
what more do you have to say of out perils?
is there something so dire that must be set free,
or just another breath that will pull us further along...
the right words never seem to come at the right times,
and for the moments we linger in slow motion,
the fact is that everything is cumbling around us,
so do we just give in and fall to pieces too,
or are there the mythical phenoix within us?

III. The Mythology of a Lost Phrase

Called ahead to let the plans be shown,
and in the schematics of a broken city,
right along the lake, and desert sand...
something mumbled about the past within this soul.
take a right at the next street as this tale unfolds,
and for the child who never knew his fate, to be undead
all the while he sat in a room alone,
the staring blank pages filled a mind, shattered, but whole
for the love that he longed for,
the child bourne his fears, and left a long while ago,
he found his own grave, and realized the truth of being
and transcending this world, he muttered aloud something
about doing anything he could for you.

in the breaking sun, that crashes lower each moment,
he looks for your eyes, and i looks closer than he can ever be,
and sitting next to you, there is just something that he aches to say
for the navigation of this place is pointless...

for your favorite flowers will never gorw again,
and the ruins in which we linger,
be they may our minds, broken by our follies,
there is just one thing he wishes to let you know
and he comes back to me now and again,
to be sure that you know it...

he is comming home and he will be reborn,
flying along with Apollo as he crashes down,
he will be sure to love you more, with each death.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Swear to me, something sweet, something dear,
in the darkness of the night,
try to keep the stars from shinning
and hold my hands, as we skip from moon to moon.

With the cup of Tea, warming our throats,
i see a starving artist, with the smoke in his hands
and i beg for him to show me something new,
with a changing atmosphere, we fly away.

Burning aching light, come to me, come
and rescue my eyes from being blind.

i cross my heart and hope to die,
sew my eyes shut, and leave my lungs open,
with you here, what more do i need...
right there, in the fireplace,
the devil and hell wants me to die,
what truth do you have to say.

come away with me, swear to me,
that the end isn't near enough
make up stories good and well to keep them away,
and maybe, we can be eternal,
holding hands, skipping from universe to dimentions.

take my hand now, my friend,
and walk with me to the lake,
staring out for the cealing of air,
a small symbol of stars in the night sky
with the moon forgetting its tongue,
i just want to be loved once again,
can you believe in me anymore?

and for the moments we spend,
what is it you need me for,
my soul has been sold,
and my hands are cracked and dried.

and in the starry night
paint me a picture of our life
maybe we could jump right in
and begin again

Saturday, November 05, 2005

its the dirt under my fingernails
that brings me to my knees
and as superman flies by
i ask, and wonder - why.

the cigarette smoke is growing
a pusling vein in my lungs
i want a mob to come and suffocate me
where can the storm go, but east.

and in the dark alleys
with a raincloud, and tired concreate,
the eyes roll back
and for a world's heartbeat
a lifeboat sails by, looking for a saviour,
and its name "Good Times" goes on.

complete your drawing
to see what may become
for your soul is still hidden
waiting here
i will be in love just as ever.

breaking my hands
as i linger over the pages
of unwritten stories
to know my name
is to know my death.

bringing the stars out tonight
i find the room confining
and from the fireplace
melting away i find potential
in a reactor core
maybe i will have an explosion yet.

Lights flicker and die
ice will never melt away
a soul will linger.


for the beginning of this heartache
the shadows reach for the moon,
silently spreading their wings
to melt and cover like a blanket

and i feel the fly in my ear
a buzzing sensation
to hum along with,
as i pass my exit.

the waking eyes starve for attention,
while a shado of this soul dies,
a moment's lapse into breathing
brings the heart blood.

at the dawn of tomorrow,
will you turn to me and say,
or will it just be another smile?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

can you suggest something better than this,
an insincere moment, on the floor,
will you pick me apart, and walk away?

for the feeling that i am have here
run away, because at this time
the moon is shinning brightly,
and cast down from the stars
i wander.

i wear this pose every day,
and stranger still, is my demise,
a peculiar face stares back in the mirror,
but its not mine, not at all.

play this dancing song with me,
and at the start of dusk,
my heart will go out the door,
leaving a broken man here.

on the isles of my heart
i can see something peering through
and standing for a second..
begining to see the buildings
the fortress is still intact.

i want to see through the clouds.
if only to see the sun for once more,
everything around me, decays.
i feel like a dried storm
lingering - grey - and failing

in the soundless night
i am empty, not even half full,
the tears, cannot rain anymore
and for a moment i am dead.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

and so what did you think would come of this?
the blinded sun, and the righteous moon,
fight it out in thier own ways.

i can't blink, because i may just lose sight
of what i might need one day.
reaching out to touch the trees,
the forest beckons agian.

will you follow?
or shall i just die now?