Sunday, November 13, 2005

Come now, Come on,
and i don't even want to think of you anymore
no what is the deal with the sky
going grey and running away
the blue sea is chaning to green,
what you do is no business of mine, no longer
no, no, no longer we will be melded
and for what cause do you want to leave,
forget the past girl, and come on, now,
the tree is only falling on us.

What do you want from this,
don't try and escape or we might kill each other,
before the sun comes and goes
after the moon hangs itself and the stars weep
just ask me the questions you are too afraid to see,
and lets go, go, and lets go and find the eyes of god,
in the gardens crying aloud for the burning stars,
oh what more do you need, but a tear in your eye
and a hand in your hand in your hand,
come now, come on,
lets make the best of the world as it decays.


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