Tuesday, November 29, 2005


the escape is coming in through the moments
a mountainous ocean looming over the shore
and keep the silence close to the waves.

eyes burn from the tears of the lake,
and the snow falls delicately along the sidewalks
following the footsteps that can lead to you.

looking up, will you be there, but continuing on
and the dark nights won't make things better
for a dream of you, there would be a bit of respite.

walking to you,
speeding from the past
driving along reality.

and in the moments shared in a mirror
drinking tea and talk of all we can stand
totally enveloped in a different happiness.

what kind of damage can we have now,
the storm comes, passes, and dissipates,
a consideration of the perfection.

tempt me
lead me
take me.

and down in the place we shall reside,
feeling the peace come over again
we will slip away, taste each other.

changing each other in a compromise
and for the too few glances and embraces
dreams will be shared and created.

without you here, beneath all i am
the tears would have lingered, the walls strayed
but broken and free, fading into something more.

come away and lets go to our own palace
never to die, never to cry, never to mind
a happiness found in one another.


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