Sunday, November 13, 2005

the crows bleed and its raining red,
in the rooms of thunder, save the ground
and shake the dice into the sky,
distance is growing shorter but
the dancing never pauses, reality at its best,
and forget the moments of kisses
memories linger on but the death comes again.

the dead sky is growing, breathing, sucking
everyone in.....
the only walls left are astral and where were you?
ghosts come to steal the eyes,
quarters and dimes and pennies
will disipate into eternity the destruction
for the angels will break open like an egg
and the tennants walk away.

the apocalypse and eternity of it all,
comes as well fall
forget the lies of your mothers
the green alge will survive yet
and the reservations explode
into the grey fire, lingering in the hands
of the forsaken, water comes from the mouths
of the poor
and in the hearts of everyone
we cannot move on.


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