Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Vacant eyes stare out into the cold fires,
and in the last moments of drowning voices,
the sun rises once more, a bit optimistic...

you're ability to tantalize me...
wakes me every morning,
as i play dead; maybe one day
you will walk right up
and say "take me"

maybe its better off this way,
cold and distant,
but the reflections linger,
as we become perfect.

in the days the come,
thoughts stray into yours
and facing fate,
denial is nothing new,
but walking away i say
"i shall make it reality"

and as you turn to face me,
in the moments that became days,
we become so much more
than imaginations could conjure
in the locked lips
nothing more we'll say.

in the moonlite stairs
on days spent in an embrace
nothing needs to change.


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