Thursday, November 24, 2005

i move with the currents
and i may just fall, like the snow, a bit displaced.
in the sky, i see the sun haning high, but clouded
walking away even in the morning,
i can only hope for the glittery days
but i will be moved away with the tides.

as i walk away in the streets, i forget my name,
and i won't know where i am going
until i am there, i hope you will be too.

and i pass away, with a slow gleam,
in the twinkling stars of the nights,
i wonder which have already died,
and are but a memory.

i know the spin can't hurt, but i crawl
and sitting on someone's steps,
begging for a friend
i ask just one phrase "can you give me away"

for the night comes to early and the morning too soon
and i am afraid of what you might give me
my possible heart, is yours
and i long to be even more
but will you walk away?
what road do you take, and will i join you,
or do we take the fork and run away.
i will come for you,
save the day,
and maybe, in this heart's pose, we will find bliss
a smile here and there... the chains gone
just hands in hand and walking in our forest
a maze in our love
making a clean joining.


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