Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Last Moments

imagine the chemicals bleeding together,
and in those impossible moments,
i reach over to just kiss you,
you who could burn me where i stand,
with beauty rare, and charm i dare love,
i raise my eyes and give you my soul.

for a breath, i ran, and ran and ran,
and in the moment of collapse,
i saw you walk back in our room,
and determination set it, and i turned to leave,
taking you everywhen with me,
dreaming of having so much more.

i can look to the calender, but the days drift away,
for the days we spent, turned into a lifetime,
and the moments that make us,
are the best in which i have lived,
and shattered glass under my fingernail,
broken bones, and bruised egos,
forgotten lore, and lost forests,
could burn away for nothing really matters to me anymore,
except being happy, and being your happiness.


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