Wednesday, November 23, 2005


i feel so lazy, a steamroller could crush me,
and no, i wouldn't move,
i wouldn't budge an inch,
and with a flashlight, you would have to find me
but i would only come for the one that i love

and as i am blinded, and as i am flattened
i would laugh, a despondent, decadent laugh,
in the dark of my mind, i find no rest,
but a baby born will be sleeping well tonight,
and i will take my last breath, and i will plunge

for the waking moments that spare me,
and the eyes that roam, i'm only looking for one pair,
one hand to place in mine, and one body to fill my arms,
in the moments that turn into melodies,
i am just looking for you to come and save me.


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