Sunday, November 20, 2005

Needing You

i hear your voice, see your face,
but in the darkness of the moment,
i only want to hold you even closer.

the rumors of my demise,
are nothing compared to the reality
and in the ending moments,
you are all that i need.

feel your hand in mine,
as the crowded streets birth us
into the alleys of dark nights
and torried cat calls

dead as i can be
you hold me limp but breathing
i can't believe the ending has come
but you are all that i need

your ablilty to create a smile on these lips
to form the perfect phrase
that causes a kiss and embrace
someday i will never leave your side

and maybe i am better off this way
in the ground,
leaning over my lost soul
knowing you are all that i need

my rise will come with the dawn
and you will be there
every alley way and doorstep
and in my heart's content
you are all that i need.


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