Thursday, November 24, 2005


i walk into my mirror
and i bumped my head again
as i tried to be alive,
but numbness became me,
come on, we will go away from here.

this ghost that is clawing at my eyes,
tries to rip my right eye out,
and i feel the fingernails,
and i sit back and reflect,
what it is like to not recall, these moments,
that pass me by.

the past is a stone, pulling me down,
maybe it will wear away, before i hit the bottom,
and i am lonely in this cold car,
with a broken heater and exhust,
i am sorry,
but i just want to sleep,
and never be again.

maybe i can go on again,
and as the pain eases away
the numbness is irrelavent
a pointed moment before i collapse
in a lustful manner of ideology
that will never realize itself,
and i am a waste, without her next to me.


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