Sunday, November 20, 2005

Running Away.

my love, don't love me,
the hurt and out in the rain,
i must say that i want to follow you
and in the prying eyes,
i pour myself out,
what is the time?

come around to the clock
and everything is closed
my body looks for the pain
and the scratches have their stories
the bruises their aches
and the eyes throb

i can't say that i give a fuck
but if it feels good
lets try, just for luck
i will tie up my hood

my phone vibrates
as i leave the room
blue darkness swallowing

singing in the car, rain on the hood
and the heat doesn't work
the engine stalls
so we walk away on the expressway
you say such pretty things
as we lose our bodies
in the gutter.

excuse me, can you hurt me,
hurt me, and the pain will be so good
as i burn from the loss, and the eyes
decay and the heart flutters
at thoughts of you
but just hurt me


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